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O noble fool! A worthy fool! Motley's the only wear.

I am ambitious for a motley coat.

Rosalind as Ganymede
26 April 1979
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Non est vivere sed valere vita

Her Books
Thirty Somehow. Unabashed Geek. Thinks she's funny. Loves books more than most people. Horsey girl. Cat lover. Michigander. Hockey fanatic. Red Wings Superfan. Knitter. Costumer. Researcher. Episcopalian Socialist Weirdo. Reads non-fiction for fun. Plays Dress up at every opportunity. Dragon*Con. Balletomane. YA Lit Fan. Roleplaying Dork. Groundhog Day Ninha. Progressive Democrat. Far-Left-Leaning. Messy. Adores Musicals to an Embarrassing Extent. Enamoured of Lists.
Testament of Youth. Sorcery & Cecilia. Temeraire. The Chronicles of Narnia. Lord of the Rings. The Lioness Quartet. Ballet Shoes. The Drina Books. Dark is Rising Sequence. Harry Potter. Good Omens. Les Misérables. Vorkosigan Saga. Anne of Green Gables. Emily Dickinson. Ruth Reichl. Rite of Passage. Book of Common Prayer. Tomorrow When the War Began. Germinal. The Shore of Women. The Gentle Art of Domesticity. Long May She Reign. Pride and Prejudice. Philip Larkin. Vampire Academy. Generation Kill. Middlemarch. The Little House Books. A.E. Houseman. Shakespeare.
On the screen.
What She Studies.
The West Wing. Red Wings games. Mad Men. Avatar: The Last Airbender. Fullmetal Alchemist. ER. Gossip Girl. Project Runway. Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles. The Daily Show. Friday Night Lights. Spooks. Supernatural. Battlestar Galactica. Firefly. Life. Sports. Sex and the City. Glee. Greek. Sound of Music. My Fair Lady. Breakfast at Tiffany's. Casablanca. The Hours. Love Actually. Meet Me in Saint Louis. Star Wars.
18c Europe. Royal Houses of all varieties. Imperial China. Victorian Britain. Colonial US and Canada. 1783. World War I. Les Habitantes. Social History. Biographies of Presidents and Statesmen. Intellectual History. Revolutions. 1789. 1793. 1830. 1832. 1848. 1870. Politics. Diplomacy. Alexander Hamilton. Fashion and Clothing. Anything that catches my interest.
Beautiful People.
What She Listens To.
Jamie Bamber. Samuel West. Ioan Gruffudd. Ryan Reynolds. Rob Lowe. Bradley Whitford. Christian Bale. Jared Padalecki. James McAvoy. Ewan McGregor. Jensen Ackles. Damian Lewis. Ron Livingston. Ben Browder. Kyle Chandler. Claudia Black. Michael Trucco. Neil Patrick Harris. John Barrowman. Tina Fey. John Krasinski. Gina Torres. Hugh Dancy. Alan Rickman. Kate Winslet. Katee Sackhoff. David Tennant. Tamoh Penikett. Paul Gross. Alan Tudyk. Steve Yzerman. Chris Osgood.
The Beatles. Flogging Molly. Carbon Leaf. Rogers and Hart. Relient K. Thea Gilmore. Green Day. Ani DiFranco. Barenaked Ladies. Joan Baez. Judy Collins. Ben Sollee. Bob Dylan. Neil Finn. Crowded House. Luka Bloom. CCR. David Gray. Dan Bern. Deana Carter. The Decemberists. Dixie Chicks. Fiona Apple. Explosions in the Sky. Great Big Sea. John Barrowman. Josh Ritter. Jump, Little Children. Lifehouse. Natalie Merchant. 10,000 Maniacs. Rosanne Cash. U2. The Weakerthans. Sarah McLachlan. Gershwin.
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O worthy fool! One that hath been a courtier,
And says, if ladies be but young and fair,
They have the gift to know it: and in his brain,
Which is as dry as the remainder biscuit
After a voyage, he hath strange places cramm'd
With observation, the which he vents
In mangled forms. O that I were a fool!
I am ambitious for a motley coat.
~Jaques, As You Like It Act 2, Scene 7