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LJ Friends, Help?

This is a hard post to write.

As some of you know, I've been really sick this past late winter/spring to the point where I lost my job and have moved in with my mom. Yeah, there are ADA issues with the job loss, but I can't really deal with fighting it right now. (This also explains why the book drive is so stalled out, but that's another post)

The reason I'm posting this is due to my kitties - my mom's not willing to take in both of them so I've been trying to find somewhere for Isabel (the kitty in the icon) for nearly a month now. I thought I'd gotten her a temporary place at a no-kill shelter in Grand Rapids, but that fell through and everywhere else seems to be completely full.

So I'm asking my LJ friends if any of you know of any shelters or foster homes or any place where Isabel could live while I'm trying to get better and get back on my feet. She's an older kitty - nearly 12 years old (and God, my heart breaks that I am doing this to her), but she's a huge sweetheart and gets along manageably with other kitties & people (once she's decided they're acceptable). She's healthy except that she has some litter box issues when she's nervous/in a new place - which, I assume, will probably come up.

If any of you know of a place or get me in contact with someone or pass this post on or anything, I would so greatly appreciate it. I can drive anywhere in the midwest if necessary and would be happy to. I can also pay for any vet bills if they come up and can supplement monies for food/litter.

I don't know what to say here. If I had any eloquence, it'd go here, but since I don't, just take my heartfelt thanks for reading this.
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